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Big Lie #9 Subduction 1

"We need to return to the geological path signalled by Wegener, and jettison *ALL* of Plate Tectonic theory, which is framed essentially around failure to understand a mechanism for the sudden and rapid breakout of the mantle bubble that caused the global enlargement we see today, manifest in the creation of the ocean floors."    That's me, quoting me, from the last me-post.  (Well, if you can have i-this and i-that, and Ya-tube, i don't see why WE can't have the odd bit of *me* too, out there in hyperspace.  Going by the blogs on Plate Tectonics there aren't too many of me around. So in the interest of evening up the narcissism score, here we go  (I think it's true anyway - about jettisoning.)

Convectioneers, ..sailing the Big Ship, ..thinking that if they all line up under the flag and chant the "Wot abaht subduction" mantra it will keep them walking on water for the rest of the year.  Or six inches above it more like,  if your read their litany.  Maybe they just want to insist on looking at it from the ocean side because that guy they've nailed to their cross, .. their sacrifical lamb, .. their *Hero* (along with some flanking others) Harry Hess, worked in the navy.  (Don't know what that's got to do with anything about Plate Tectonics. There's a *B*' of a difference between admiral and admirable.  I worked as a milkman once, ..and people put glasses of milk next to plates, ..but I guess that's another issue.) (Ennyhow, ... )

So he did (navy) *but* this is a CONTINENTAL argument, not an OCEANIC one.  Big difference.

The  jigsaw of Plate Tectonics might be about OCEANS. But the jigsaw of Earth expansion isn't.  It's about CONTINENTS.  Oceans are all young and make the Earth bigger when they make their way through the crust. (So I don't know what sort of a jigsaw Plate Tectonicists think they're doing anyway).  It's the continents that Earth expansion is talking about.  You have to take the oceans out of the picture and do the jigsaw thing with the continents out of the way.  Then if all the pieces fit, you have to accept it. Or at least you have to accept that it is a jigsaw worth doing, ..a picture worth looking at, ..something about not-knowing and trying to *get to know*, a thing about SCIENCE, that is. 

You can't pull a disingenuous fast one as PT-ers want to do and say, "Ok then, ..we'll take the oceans out of the way," and then with some hat-magic sleight of hand substitute another imaginary one for which there is no evidence and say, "Hey, ..look everybody,  see? still doesn't fit.  No finding out needed."   'Coz that's exactly what they do.

Plate Tectonicists want to keep the argument sloshing about in the water, where people can't get a grip of it, rather than beach it so people can.  ...Bunch of bloody mermaids, bamboozling folk with their tales, trying to subduct MEN OF HARD ROCK to their nether regions with all that talk about sucking and pulling.  ... Wish somebody wou...

'Course the bloody jigsaw fits - from the *CONTINENTAL* side.  Easy too.  What else would it do?   If PT-ers have a problem trying to make it fit from the OCEAN side that's their problem (trying to shove a whole Panthalassa into a non-existent hole..).  But they *don't* have a problem because they don't *WANT* to make it fit.  Confucius he say, "No fit, no problem", and if there's one thing about PTterologists, it's that they think they're pretty wise guys.  But in fact if it fits, then they're out of a job.  That's why they're so vocal about subduction, ..and trying to keep whole schemmozle WET, bamboozling everybody, ..keeping them at sea.  Those Pteros, they can't avoid the fits in the Atlantic, Indian and Southern Oceans, they even need them, ..but push their Pacific button and tell them that fits too and whoh-hoh, ..hear them squeak! 

This guy on this wikipedia says, "Without subduction, plate tectonics could not exist".  Well he's dead right, of course.  Neither it would.  But subduction is not the issue, and it's a bit myopic and silly to think it is, really.  The mantle can swirl and birl and twirl as much as it likes underneath the continental crust, ..can convect like a witches cauldron, ..subduct nineteen to the dozen, ... twenty seven-and-a half-even, if it likes, .. it doesn't make one whit of a difference to what's happening upstairs.  So what if the mantle's *is* subducting?  It proves / disproves absolutely nothing about crustal tectonics, plate tectonics, blobtonics or any other kind of tonics.  So why should it make any difference if it's happening underneath the continent, or at a crack in the continent, or on the edge of one, when that edge is just as legitimately the edge of continental lithosphere, as it is the edge of the oceanic one?  There's *two* sides to that there edge.  Pteros find it convenient to disregard that, ..  it's not the oceanic crust returning to the deep mantle that's going on, but the continents sliding out over the mantle that's happening.   They even say so themselves when they use the word 'overriding'. 

Anyway, ..more and more the word is not "subduction", but "FLAT SUBDUCTION" or "flat slab subduction".  Google 'em up and see.  Subduction, meaning the return to the deep mantle, is a furphy.  All around the Pacific (the only place there is any going on), the buzz is now "flat slab subduction".  Under the Himalayas as well, lifting the Tibetan Plateau up.  .....the flat bit going down and along the asthenosphere, i.e. the continental crust leaning over the oceanic crust as the curvature of the Pangaean hemispheres (du Toit's 'Laurasia' and 'Gondwanaland') flattens off.  No return to the deep mantle.  And so long as the crust and mantle are detaching, .the crust collapsing and skating on the mantle, know, with the Earth rotating and all that, and lagging west into the bargain, you can forget all about satellite measurement meaning anything as regards convection / plate movement.   Anyhow, what's twenty years of satellites against two hudred million and more of the real crustal thing?  Do they think just because they're angels they have some sort of passport to higher authority than common sense?  Like belief? (That's for Ray, if he's reading this.)  Hi Ray!   :-) 

These Ptero-guys, ..they really just don't have a geological clue, ..or a leg to stand on when it comes to subduction.  Showing 'slabs' in their articles, ..indeed.  Doesn't it occur to them it's just the mantle turning down against the continental lithosphere? .. which is wot dense stuff *does* when less dense stuff floats on top of it - turns ... (everybody, ..all-together-now)  ..."DowWWn" ...  (YaAAyyyy !!!)

Subduction?  My Aunt Fanny.

(Wonder what it would look like, if you floated a lump of rock in an even denser rock...) (or even metal, say...)

Fig.1  Oceanic deeps mark the subduction zone as cold heavy metallic mercury subducts beneath the ancient continent of Reginia, .  Or if we prefer to stretch a point and turn it around, Continent HMS (the unsinkable) Gold Pound Coin adrift on a sea of mercury, proves once again (beyond a sea of doubt),  that material properties are critical  in the search for substances that can support Plate Tectonics assertion that mantle convection is the modus operandum for global tectonics.  ("The owl and the pussycat went to sea, in a beautiful gold pound coin.." ;  Mermaids, ..the souls of owls and pussycats, drowned at sea.. ) Image courtesy of the wikipedia, reproduced here in the interest of informing all schoolchildren (and others who may be interested), in order to focus on the critical point of oceanic deeps that develop subduction zones when oceanic crust (blue-grey) subducts beneath the UK (gold)...     "Mantle, which is also blue-grey.. has the property of mild steel.." 

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